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DINEX Link is designed with maintenance people in mind which is specifically emphasized in Man Machine Interface (MMI) and a wide operating platform. DINEX LINK is under the popular open architecture of Window CE. It provides the operator with the most desired operating environment. DINEX LINK offers the operator with the following:


  • Checking the system's overall functional capability. Checks and verifies the function of each Multiplex System Component (Module) and reports in 3D graphic format. Thus the maintenance personnel can readily identify the system failure caused by the module.
  • Capable of checking the input status of each switch or sensor (some of the sensors are located in hard to reach locations) and directly indicate this information in table format.
  • The function of force output which enables the operator to remotely control the output status and verify the output load status.
  • Real Time Logic Monitoring Capability. The system will indicate the input and output logic relationship thru ladder logic format, and directly monitor and display the status of each logic condition.
  • Utility Capability. It includes major function required to download the program, write or verify IDs, and check functions of the modules. On top of all of the functions, DINEX LINK also offers the comprehensive security capability to allow only authorized personnel to operate the system.

L-RF-SYS is a software package to be integrated with a hand-held computer system with Window CE operating system. L-RF-HOST and L-RF-NET are integrated parts of the DINEX LINK which allow it to function as a complete system.

Feature Highlights:
  • Supports all DINEX Multiplex System
  • Window type of GUI for ease of operation
  • Window CE operating system architecture
  • Proprietary RF data link technology
  • Optional gateway RF Net capable of interface with SAE-1708, SAE-1939, SAE-1850, RS-485, RS-232 and CAN
  • Password security capability
  • Low cost
  • Automatic PC Link capability
  • Software in PCMCIA ROM disk
  • Color or B/W compatibility
  • Paperless maintenance
  • Voice warning and recording capability
  • Touch screen capability
  • LAN / Internet
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