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DINEX Multiplex

The DINEX Multiplex System effectively distributes intelligence and control across groups of electrical systems within a vehicle. DINEX is based on a modularized ring-loop architecture with a high-level of fault tolerance and redundancy. Over 40 types of DINEX modules are available that can perform digital, analog, frequency, and pulse width modulation functions. Displays, controllers, readers, and testers allow easy implementation of operator interfaces.

Some DINEX modules are programmable so that a single module can be programmed to perform in several differentapplications. Modules that have been programmed can be re-programmed. Each module is small and compact, and has full computer functions, including CPU, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, power control, communication, and signaling capabilities. Each module is housed in a rugged aluminum case that provides environment protection and heat dissipation. In addition to providing system-level diagnostics, each module has a self-diagnostics capability. Module replacement is quick and easy.

Key System Modules Include:
Main Bus Controller : A digital/analog function network controller, this is the "Dispatcher" of the DINEX system, with a built-in high-speed RISC microprocessor, CMOS circuitry for low power consumption, and fault tolerant RS485 data communications bus.
Power Management:A switching power supply circuit providing light-weight, high-power density DC-DC power supply. This isolated power source minimizes EMI and RFI and has dual back-up circuitry, programmable sleeper timer, and extreme voltage management and cut-off level setting.
Hi-Power Digital Input And Output Module:The DIO module, a digital input and output module, is a slave network node for on/off state devices. The module includes both inputs for monitoring switches and outputs for control devices in a very compact package. Internal feedback monitoring provides the ability to determine if a load is active, in addition to the wiring and output fuse. Each I/O point is optically isolated and fused for protection against voltage spikes, transients, and short circuits. Optical isolation also provides electrical noise immunity.
High-Speed Cell Net Controller Module: The High-Speed Cell Net Controller (HCNC) is a network controller node with power driver which provides the functionality of a full-size computer. The module can act as a bus controller controlling multiple nodes or can directly control other node modules. The HCNC can provide a direct interface for the operator interface, including switches, LED indicators, and digital displays.
Analog-To-Digital Voltage Module: Up to 200 8-to-16-bit A/D modules can be networked per system, with each module having a unique field-settable address; each input channel can be separately monitored.
Analog-To-Digital And Frequency Converter Module:The ADFC module monitors 4 8-bit analog devices and 1 frequency device and acts as a node on the DINEX network.
ATS Module: This is the DINEX Automatic Test System which provides self-diagnostics capability with automatic digital output functions, acting as a node on the DINEX network. The ATS can be programmed to test all output functions monitored in the multiplexing control system, including exterior and interior lights, door operations, warning systems, audible signals, and braking inter-locking systems.
Digital 32 LED Module: A digital LED output unit for on/off state signals. The module includes 32 high-brightness LED blocks for warning or status indication, and acts as a node on the DINEX network.

Data Logger: The T-DATALOG is a subordinate module. It records any data word received from the "Dinex Log Master" unit. The intelligent program resides in the Dinex Log Master, and this program is bundled with the T-DATALOG as a unit. There is no need to develop a new program, merely to customize the program that is supplied.

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